"Design is the process that deals with giving form to a solution. It is the technical art of solving problems"


The staff in the technical department at Mould Solutions is made up of highly qualified and experienced personnel, in step with the ongoing development of the computer systems we use.
They are able to provide complete technical consultancy, whether working on designs developed in-house or provided by the Client: from a feasibility study to optimising each detail and through to subsequent execution of the entire project.
They use 5 workstations with CAD software for 2D - 3D (CatiA, ThinkDesign) design, and 5 CAM stations (WorkNc, Cimatron) for simulating and setting up tool paths.
Each project leader’s interaction with the client, is direct and managed using fast, secure data transmission systems.
Each project is looked after by the technical department, in all phases, from in-house manufacture, through to final testing of the mould.