"Every task becomes creative when whoever does it takes care to do it well and improve it"

(John Updike)



Mould Solutions came about in 2011 with the merging of two companies that had been in the mould sector in North-east of Italy for a long time: De Val Tecnostampi and Mould Service.


De Val Tecnostampi was set up in 1978 as a small business to make injection and die-cast moulds. Its ideas, dedication, quality, and continuous growth allowed the Company to make its mark over time both nationally and internationally. It was a direct supplier to prestigious Tier 1 Clients, who are direct suppliers to the leading automobile manufacturers around the world. The attention given to investing in technology, the know-how acquired, the innovation, and the search for an organisational structure able to guarantee the Client an all-round service led, in the ‘90s, to the setting up of Mould Service. This company specialised in testing inject moulds and moulding technical parts, mainly providing support for De Val Tecnostampi’s internal mould production, and later extending the service to others as well.

The recent idea to unite the two companies was based on market needs, in order to implement synergies and optimise resources, to continue to offer the clientele a product that is sound in technical and quality terms, with a view to development and continuity in the future. Today, Mould Solutions is a sound business with a staff of 40 people, and a production complex that covers more than 3,500 sq.m., with a man/machine production capacity of 7,000 hours per month.


Our current focus is on medium and large-size injection moulds for the Automotive sector, as well as multi-component moulds in general.